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A Winter Wonder with Pandora

You are the brightest star this season — a time for you to shine

as PANDORA launches its Winter 2017 Collection.

Remember the time when you were a child and looked out the window with big bright eyes to wish upon a glimmering star in that vast midnight sky?

Meaningfully crafted to bring back that sparkle of hope, and to believe in miracles again — the new Facets of Winter series subtly interprets the sensibilities of the season. Paying homage to the glittering trails that light up an astral azure, the latest celestial-inspired jewellery was delicately hand-finished from beautiful, ethically sourced materials. Smooth planet-like sterling silver chips and star-shaped pendants decorated with twinkling stars, sleek spacers, hoop earrings, and stackable rings studded with translucent cubic zirconia would be stellar in any woman’s Christmas wish list.

Also, a kaleidoscope of Dazzling Snowflake charms and Timeless Elegance rings capture this season’s every vivid emotion with the series’ enigmatic glamour of classic jewel hues. The intense sapphire blue crystal offers a modern alternative to black, lending expressive colour to any look. The vermillion hue of heated ruby has delicate pink undertones, providing a pop of rich and passionate colour to the season; and the lush green hue of sophisticated emerald has a subtle vintage appeal, adding a brilliant dose of color to digits. A glistening halo of cubic-zirconia button-like charms encircle Danube-cut stones with airy-cut out hearts that would simply look sensational on anyone’s wrist.

From radiant stars to intricate snowflakes, the brilliance and excitement of the season continues with the Christmas Spirit series. The themed charms serve as sweet reminders of twinkling trees, delicate snowflakes, and beautifully wrapped presents on Christmas morning — all blush-hued with a unique metal blend that’s simply party-perfect! For a more whimsical look, the series also captures colourful elements like Father Christmas, wreaths, stockings, and candy canes through carefully enameled charms.

As the holidays bring you closer to the people whom you love the most, let PANDORA Rose give you that perfect warmth and opulence to a classic style.

The PANDORA Rose petites such as shimmering Snowflake, All Wrapped Up, and Twinkling Christmas Tree, creates a personal festive story and a beautiful colour contrast inside the Sparkling PANDORA Floating Locket in sterling silver — which is just like wearing your heart’s desires in a little translucent case. Classic Hearts of PANDORA and Classic Elegance rings, both in PANDORA Rose with flashes of soft blush wraps a holiday look with the perfect Christmas glow and reminds us to cherish the days of our youth, to relive all precious memories, and simply be grateful to a wonderful time such as this.

On its third year, PANDORA unveils the much-awaited annual Christmascape with a special PANDORA Rose theme, a breathtaking wonder. With its soft and charming blush, PANDORA Rose emanates youth and this distinct warmth as opposed to the traditional silver and gold. PANDORA wishes to serve as that glimmering light for women to see the everyday wonderful in their lives, and to refrain from missing moments, big or small. As represented by the tree lighting event, women can also light up their spirit with meaningful jewellery that will remind them to treasure themselves, their victories, their struggles, their stories. Only then is the true essence of the holidays lit up from within.

Let’s light up the season of wonder with PANDORA and #DOSeeTheWonderful.

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