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Celebrate Everyday Triumphs #DoSeeTheWonderful

Did you know that 80% of women across the world are inspired by photography which celebrates life’s everyday precious winning moments? Over 7,000 women across eight different countries and three continents, recognizes that six times as many women are triggered by natural photographs of other women succeeding in everyday life than they are of static, posed “selfies”—as Pandora recently launched a new global study.

From acing a long painful exam, conquering your first 100 meter dash run, waking up on an ordinary weekday to take your kids to school or even to try baking that old apple pie recipe which served as the family’s long kept secret—indeed, watching all these moments unfold in their purest state is of worthy to be celebrated in any given day. .

Almost half of the women in the world are accustomed to now capture photographs of everyday moments on their phone. However 1 in 3 women believe that trying to capture that “perfect” photo causes them to miss out on a full experience and 3 out or 4 women wish they had more time to cherish small everyday moments in their lives. The study just shows us how the digital age has hindered women to have time to reflect on and cherish even their smallest victories.

‘DO See The Wonderful’ is powerful campaign that calls on all women to dwell and live in that special moment, as authentic as it truly is—appreciate and start being grateful for the ripples of joy and unexpected pockets of blessing. May this season be that perfect time for you to recognize each of your everyday successes whether how big or small, and go out into the world as if you’re wearing all your unique and personal triumphs and adventures sitting beautifully right on your wrist. Do See The Wonderful in every day. Do See The Wonderful with PANDORA.

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