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Discover your inner glow with PANDORA Shine

A bright new sunrise has begun as another exciting journey with PANDORA continues.

PANDORA takes a fresh new design direction. Unveiling its first 18k gold-plated sterling silver collection, PANDORA Shine, the brand kicks off Spring 2018 with an alluring and luxurious take on nature-inspired key pieces, intricately designed in style, with finely crafted golden bees, honeycomb shapes, and sun motifs.

Gold—which symbolizes wisdom, wealth, triumph and beauty, has been long adorned throughout history because of its unquestionable timeless and regal charm. PANDORA Shine’s golden pieces elevate every woman’s journey in expressing their dynamic energy and positivity.

A symbol of power and brightness, bees are creating a buzz on this season’s delightful offering as the Bee Mine collection takes flight—inspiring women to believe that anything is possible with will and determination. With the Queen Bee as the centerpiece of the collection, the luscious and decadent offering will make any woman swoon at its glossy honey colours, royal vibrant yellows, black enamel stripes, and clear cubic zirconia stones, inspired by the geometric structure of honeycombs. The heart-shaped Honeycomb lace earrings, ring and pendant are winning pieces, just simply hard to resist. Further, a new limited edition choker, ring and bracelet with sophisticated bee details and geometric shapes, reminiscent of the honeycomb, are minimalist must-haves.

Embracing the gorgeous glow of the sun, PANDORA Shine highlights the Rays of Sunshine collection which embraces women beaming with joy, warmth and compassion. With a special vintage look from its golden enamel hue that capture a solar mood, the Rays of Sunshine charm and pendant have a special distinct feel that attracts positive energy for the soul. A piece to watch out for from this collection is the new sliding bracelet, a contemporary new bracelet design with a subtle bohemian feel that puts a chic spin on any look.

Consisting of several layers, PANDORA Shine is a high-quality plating solution - sterling silver used as the metal core, palladium serving as the second layer and deep, rich 18k gold on top. Hand-finished to perfection, PANDORA Shine is brought to life by a combination of electroplating, a traditional artisan technique, and modern technology.

Drawing inspiration from the nature of PANDORA as well as the multifaceted nature of women, the debut collection for Spring 2018 is a masterful mix of key elements – exquisite stone cuts, glass techniques and textures- that speak to the women of today. “We like contrasts, like when a woman’s look is all minimalistic or maximized. Or thin and strong line together. Combining things helps you to go so much deeper into your personality,” was a design thrust for PANDORA Creative Directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli. Style statements like layering of necklaces, dainty pendants and sun-kissed charms, bracelets and rings radiant an individual’s personality and personal style. A harmony of combining beautiful two-tone and three-tone combinations of PANDORA Shine, PANDORA Rose and the iconic sterling silver line in a stunning trilogy of precious metals is yet another personal style option.

Keeping it real with PANDORA’s core values which are deeply rooted in empowering women and helping them create their unique voices in today’s world is the brand’s firm step towards inspiring people to shine bright in their authenticity with their personal stories. The wonderful pieces of PANDORA Shine have been designed to convey a message of empowerment, courage and confidence with a sweet kick.

May Pandora always inspire you to trust and believe in yourself to #DoShineBright.

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