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​Burt’s Bees Be a True Force of Nature campaign’s core is to solely focus on women entrepreneurs who not only advocate taking care of themselves, but also simultaneously promotes the improvement of our planet’s health and well-being. This does not only define Burt’s Bees and its products, but also the women who use them. Women who put as much good into the world as they take from it. In time for the celebration of International Women’s Month, we shine the spotlight to naturally beautiful, real, confident women and their journey of expressing their true selves through their work and how they aspire to lead thoughtful and purposeful lives.

Finding our purpose in our lifetime is a very significant milestone to attain, this is just one of the many insights we learned from the different speakers from Be a True of Nature event held at Burt’s Bees Flagship store, 2nd floor in Capitol Commons, Estancia Mall. With Angel Jacob leading the conversation and hosting the event, we learned from these exceptional and inspiring women such as Bianca King who initiated an advocacy on healthy-living and has become a fitness entrepreneur; Dzi Gervacio, an ultimate volleyball player, who has been dubbed as the “Queen of Jump Serve”; Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, a multi-hyphenated woman with being a co-founder of Rag2Riches and an exceptional social entrepreneur; and lastly, Denise Go-Ochoa, a woman who has transcended natural beauty through her make-up techniques. They have illustrated how to become a queen bee in the various industries they’re blooming in.

These women imparted with us their stories as to what urged them to pursue their passions and how it really is like, as a queen bee, to nurture your nest and produce the best honey. In other words, when you take good care of yourself, you are also able to nurture the people around you, even more so the surroundings and our planet earth.

Burt’s Bees is available in all Beauty Bar stores and SM beauty outlets nationwide. Follow Burt’s Bees at @burtsbeesph and share your stories with us with the hashtag, #BeATrueForceofNature.

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