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Get Going with Ecooter

In this day and age, the world has become dependent on technology due to its efficiency, quickness in attaining results and convenience that makes our lives so much easier. Every aspect of our lives is covered and supported by different kinds of electronic gadgets and products - from mobile phones, to electronic appliances, to mobile cars and motorcycles. But this goes to show that although life has become a lot more uncomplicated in terms of travel and communicating, some of these developments have also taken its toll on our environment.

As much as we want everything to be up to speed, we can’t forget nor

keep compromising the very planet we breathe and live in. With this in mind, there have already been businesses that have taken the lead in terms of saving mother earth. These include recycling, reduction of usage of plastics and other products that will further weaken our environment, and those that have stepped towards and pushed for pollution-free way of living. What better way to save mother earth by taking it to the next level through travelling without contributing to the pollution anymore.

Here comes Ecooter, the “Sports Car of All Electric Scooters”! It is a cutting-edge scooter that aims to give value for money and experience, and definitely a friend to our environment.

What is Ecooter:

With 25 years of technical experience from its maker, and joint venture with China's top IT group and top parts suppliers globally, Ecooter is definitely changing the industry, steadily making electric vehicles into consumer mainstream. It was officially launched in China on March 2017. Its maker, Da Yang Motors, was established in 1992, with wide array of motorcycles, and can be seen across 80 countries worldwide. With the launching of its newest product, the Ecooter, it has already garnered dealerships in France, Spain, Vietnam and now Philippines.

The introduction of electric motorcycles has started since 1993, but due to poor battery power, a new electric bike with pedal was made, and to this date that's the only electric motor that can be seen. It solved the problem with running out of battery on road with the pedal, but still doesn't have much driving power. With Ecooter, it has a 2,500W electric motor, thus making it possible to drive at a top speed of 75 km/hr, running 80 km in distance when fully charged (base on 1 passenger). Ecooter Philippines will have Battery Rental Changing Stations available all over Metro Manila, accessible thru partnership with convenience stores and our very own dealers. Hence, discovering new adventures and get going with your Ecooter is so much more fun.

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