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More Play Dates with Your Kids with PAI Toys

Grow, Develop, and Play with Pai Toys! Pai Technology is the only technology company that partners with parents to enhance their children’s education and development through fun, imaginative STEAM-based play.

As on-the- go moms, our main priority is being able to provide the best learning experience our children can acquire. This means sending them to a school that is capable of delivering a preeminent and optimal education for our young ones. But we also make it a point that while they’re at home, their ability to gain knowledge is maximized through the games they play with on our gadgets, especially the activities they spend their time on.

With that said, PAI technology toys has paved way to create activities that are perfect for both the parents and their children. They’re introducing us to a playful, fun and safe technology that prompts a love of learning essential to our children’s development and growth.

PAI toys is an interactive way of discovering how we can visually teach our children with PAI toys’ Augmented Reality to differentiate animals from each other, easy ways to solve numerical problems, while simultaneously playing with a variety of objects that are related to the activity being played. In order to play, there’s a number of activity options that are readily available for download on either App store or Google Play that will have to match the physical items that you are present with you. This is a way to spend more quality time with our kids and help them strengthen their critical thinking and develop their motor skills. Pai Toys promote healthy screening time for your little ones!

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