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Ray-Ban Opens Spring/Summer '19 with Modern Twists to Vintage Classics

In a world where individuality is at the forefront of values influencing style, Ray-Ban understands the differences in preference especially when it comes to highlighting one’s passion points. However, whether you are one to love music, fashion, travel or live an active lifestyle, it is certain that vintage silhouettes that aim for a classic feel will match any personality no matter what. Opening the season with the Nina, Oval Double Bridge, Meteor, Oval Evolve and Hexagonal Evolve, Ray-Ban puts its own modern twist to old-time favorites for a new look that will surely make waves this summer. Introducing these styles under the #ProudtoBelong campaign, Ray-Ban champions the pride each one of us takes in belonging to our chosen clans.

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With the influx of new materials and technology that emerged throughout the 1960s, Ray-Ban made the decisive jump from military function to pop culture by offering an unprecedentedly wide variety of styles. For the first time, eyewear frames started to be seen as a complement to the individual look. No doubt, the cat-eye, with its sharp angles that straddle elegance and whimsical feels, was the dominant style for women at the time. Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn rocked them decades ago, and now they’re back and more popular than ever in the form of the Nina collection.

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In parallel, this collection includes also a more edgy oval-shaped eye wear called Oval Double Bridge. It is a low metal oval shape with double bridge and flat lenses in iconic G-15 and new gradient lens colors. Its versatile style will definitely amp up your look bringing edginess for those who just don’t play it safe.

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Taking inspiration from the original Wayfarer, Ray-Ban released The Meteor. With the heavyweight look of contemporary styling, it was immediately considered the perfect masculine counterpart to the feminine cat-eye. This year, straight from its historical archive, Ray-Ban is celebrating the past by relaunching this iconic couple: the cat-eye returns under the name of Nina, and the Meteor comes back in brand new shades.

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The Evolve collection, on the other hand, is one of the most advanced eyewear technology which is described as light-adaptive. Its lens is highly sensitive to light exposure which can adjust according to the brightness of the environment. This collection offers anything from slight color changes to real color-change effects, while also responding to the major washed lenses trend that began two years ago, leaving the eyes visible through light pastel shades. The Evolve collection also comes in the most popular oval and hexagonal shaped lens with the introduction of bright color tones from grey to pink.

With the constant shift of trends in styles, you can be adventurous and play around with your look by pairing them up with some trendy eyewear to match your personality. Be in tune with these eyewear trends, find the hottest and most stylish eyewear from the multitude of styles that Ray-Ban has to offer this Spring/Summer ’19.

Visit our stores today at Vision Express and check out our website and social media accounts at @visionexpressPH on Facebook and Instagram for more information. #ProudToBelong to #RayBanPH


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