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Unleash the carnivore in you as KFC Double Down returns!

If you’re a meat lover, you surely remember the meaty goodness of KFC Double Down: a true meat overload with two strips of juicy bacon, slice of cheese, and rich mayo dressing, all sandwiched between two slabs of Original Recipe chicken fillets.

A perfect match made in chicken lover heaven, Double Down was first launched in 2010, where it became an instant hit. Now, you won’t have to reminisce any further as it is coming back! And for those who haven’t tried it yet, this is your chance!

KFC is known for coming up with some of the most creative food combinations to end all fast-food combos, from the Original Double Down to Zinger Double Down and probably the quirkiest one of all, the Double Down Dog.

“There has been a consistent public demand over the years for KFC to bring Double Down back,” says Martha dela Cruz, KFC Category Manager. And listen they did! “It’s not just for chicken lovers. Consumers love it also for its ingenuity,” she added.

The long wait is over as Double Down returns this March 5, Tuesday! You would want to dig your fingers once again and reveal your primal, animalistic side as you eat your way to meat on meat on meat; no buns, all meat.

Enjoy the glorious, meaty bit of experience that Double Down provides. You know you’ll love it!

Double Down will be available starting March 5, Tuesday in all KFC stores nationwide, and also for delivery via 877-7777 or online at You can get yours ala carte or as a combo. SRP: Junior Double Down Ala Carte Php 100.00, Junior Double Down Meal (with a regular drink) Php 111.00, Junior Double Down FLM (with 1 pc. chicken & rice, regular mashed potato, regular drink) Php 210.00, Original Double Down Ala Carte Php 155.00, and Original Double Down Combo (regular fries & regular drink) Php 192.00.

For more information, you may visit KFC Philippines Facebook and/or Instagram page: @KFCPhilippines

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